Search Engine Optimization

There are 3.5 billion Google searches per day. Of those results, the average user won't read past the 5th listing...not page, LISTING.

90% of people won't click past the first page.

This translates to a lot of missed revenue opportunities that could have been profits by simply using the right SEO strategy.

That's where we come in--the fixers. Led by a team of digital marketing experts, we've helped to generate millions of dollars in revenue with thoroughly-researched and expertly written SEO content. From landing pages to product descriptions, website content and more, we'll deliver high-impact messaging that keeps your business top of mind and your revenue top of the charts.

So, what are you waiting for? The sooner you optimize your content, the faster we can turn those potential customers into profitable ones.
There are different package types you may choose:
1 Section of Content + 1 Organic Keyword. I.e. About Us, Mission Statement, Who We Are, Product Description or another section up to 200 words

1 Page + 3 Keywords. I.e. Landing page, home page, service page or another page of content up to 700 words.
5 pages of thoroughly researched website copy, with (5) SEO organic keywords. (Up to 3500 words)
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