At 999Global, we offer social media strategy and analysis services to businesses interested in learning how to use social media to expand their company, as well as social media retainer services for companies that would rather have us maintain their social media presence. Your social networking campaign will not stand a chance if you do not produce and own fantastic material. Your fans and supporters have nowhere to go if your website is not designed on a good call-to-action (CTA) and conversion plan. Your popularity is strengthened when you mix excellent content and a straightforward vision with a solid social networking strategy, and your ROI is undeniable.
We are distinct from most other social network marketing companies because our words are backed up with two things: robust and metrics-driven research and monitoring and content development tactics that can push traffic to your platform, not anyone else’s. It is all backed up by solid research and a measurable return on investment. There is no voodoo involved, just effects. For years, we have been doing it effectively. Connect with our team of social media strategists if you want to take your social network campaign to the next level.
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