Ninety percent of the images we view in a day would be live-action videos. Advertisements, training/tutoring online MOOC classes, interview snippets, and other videos are either pure live-action videos or mixed with 2D/ 3D graphics to make them more appealing. Live-Action Video = Live (Shoot) + Action (Involves a humanised act) + Video (Recorded).
The popularity of live-action videos stems from their authentic aspect. Actual actors tell the plot (the story may be natural or unreal based on the concept of the storyline). As a result, audiences are given a humanizing sensation that can reach their minds and affect them. Corporate videos are also known as live-action videos, and they are often used by businesses to communicate their goods, operations, culture, milestones, and highlights.
Live-action videos (Corporate Videos) can be tailored to the needs of the business/advertisers by incorporating visuals, gestures, and other movements as necessary, which adds value. Do contact us at 999Global for the best live-action explainer videos!
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