Getting a complete view of the target demographic, competitors, and industry is essential for achieving a competitive edge. 999Press aims to do the same as part of its market intelligence offerings, supplying you with valuable knowledge about the market, business dynamics, competitors’ tactics, and market advances, among other aspects, to assist you in formulating successful marketing strategies, making educated choices, and reaching out to a broad range of potential clients.
Our consultants will assist you with everything from using industry-best practices to continuously collecting, tracking, and reviewing data to helping you deliver a new product or service, set pricing, develop a marketing strategy, reach into new markets, and more. Peer group growth modeling and proposal appraisal, demand estimation, benchmarking, data mining and segmentation, competitor tracking, business pattern forecasting, and many more are part of our market research offerings.
We profile and segment customers, evaluate rivals’ business plans, forecast marketplace dynamics, and conduct benchmarking as part of our market analysis services. Our market analysis experts are skilled at collecting data from primary and secondary outlets, including social networking platforms, industry databases, forums, internet channels, and blogs. We provide you with helpful marketplace knowledge and predictions, assisting you in making informed decisions and leading to effective marketing strategies.
Among the many market analysis services we provide are:
  • Design of a questionnaire/survey.
  • Programming for surveys.
  • Interviews over the phone.
  • Surveys on the internet and via e-mail.
  • Coding and data Analysis.
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